August 2023
Tuscany, Italy

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During the10 day course you will participate in a unique program designed for actors and other theatre performers who want to further explore the connection between music and performance, and who are interested in collaborating with classical musicians in order to explore a more personal, deeper and more truthful connection between spoken word, movement and music.

We offer a great opportunity to investigate the musicality of the text just as well as the hidden narratives of a musical piece and examine how the two art forms can melt into one fascinating theatrical expression on stage.

The course will be lead by Adam Boncz and Esztella Levko and will have a special masterclass with Chulpan Khamatova.

During 10 days of our intensive course

  • 3 classes of text analysis and monologue work
    You'll discover the hidden meanings of your text, investigate the writer's intentions, the context and subtext of the material. Through the different techniques and text analysis, you will strengthen/deepen your understanding of the text and will have a fully developed monologue by the end of the course
  • 2 classes of character building and development
    You will explore different methods and approaches of character work which includes making the right acting choices, investigate the physicality and the dynamics of the 'performing body', exploring the ways how to express and manifest subtext on stage. You will find the appropriate stage presence and charisma on stage
  • 3 classes of physicality and movement
    Through various physical exercises you will develop an openness and sensitivity to respond to your inner impulses and transform them into your chosen material. The profound training combined with awareness for the images you create throughout movement, rhythm and relations within the ensemble will help to articulate and express your thoughts and emotions

  • 2 workshops with Chulpan Khamatova
    You will profit from intensive group classes with famous actress who will give her tips and work with you on details of your artistic image, plasticity and stage presence

  • Training of personal growth
    with Georgy Gromov

    Take advantage of the training that is developed especially for artists and is based on international programs of personal development. It will help you to understand deeply your strong and weak sides, to break free, to open up your potential for 100% and to find your own genuine expression in the art
  • 3 lectures about theatre and music
    There is connection between classical music and the art of theatre. But how are they connected? Why do they influence each other throughout the centuries? How a contemporary actor could gain invaluable knowledge from the world of classical music, and what the musicians should learn from the actors?
    Here you will find answers!
  • 3 open air music cinema
    You will discover rarely seen films on great musicians at the open air cinema.

    Imagine mild evenings with spicy odours of summer Italian plants, being served with wine (or tea!) and enjoying music films on a big screen!
  • Performance at the gala concert
    Take a chance to show on public what you have done and get amazing experience performing at the open air concert
  • Group work and rehearsals
    Creative and friendly environment will help you open up and put into practice all of your ideas, emotions and thoughts
Villa with a swimming pool
We provide you with lodging in an Italian villa with wifi and a swimming pool. The villa with the view on Tuscan mountains is just 3 minutes walk from the place where all courses take place
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Private cook
Our private cook prepares tradition Italian dishes, always fresh and delicious. Great luck to try genuine food in the heart of Tuscany!
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WHY to apply?
To increase chances to get a role of your dream
To open up your creative potential
To dramatically enlarge your expression range
To work with great artists
To feel more freedom on stage
To develop your charisma
To find your genuine intontation

All details about the upcoming academy will be published soon.

We offer special conditions for early birds

Fill out the form and we will send you an email with special conditions
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